Buying a home is no small affair. You spend months looking for just the right house that will fit your family’s needs. But before you sign on the dotted line, you want to have that sense of confidence that comes with knowing your money will be well invested. Homes inherently come with the responsibility of ongoing maintenance and when you buy a home, you want no surprises.

An inspection performed by a Certified Master Inspector protects you from challenges and repairs that could cost you valuable time and potentially thousands of dollars. A house is more than a pile of wood and nails. And you’re not about to trust it in the hands of just anybody.

At APEX@HOME our inspectors have years of experience in the home building industry. They work with local County building inspectors and are on top of the changes and new technologies that continue to be introduced to the industry. Many companies, including the large national ones, hire inspectors that have no prior knowledge or experience in this industry, and put them in the field after only a small amount of training. We believe in having experienced inspectors to give our clients that peace of mind.

APEX@HOME is just the company you have been looking for – one you can trust to perform your inspection with integrity and diligence. We know life can be a little hectic when purchasing a home and you can’t afford to sacrifice the time and energy it will take to tackle all the details, so let APEX@HOME help.

We are active members of NACHI, FREA and the Better Business Bureau and continue to work and serve in our community.