APEX@HOME is committed to excellence and is fully licensed and insured. We are a full-service design/build company based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The company serves homeowners in the Denver Metro surrounding areas from Castle Rock to Brighton.

When you contract with APEX@HOME, you will receive a detailed list of every inclusions and exclusions of the project to ensure your peace of mind. We will implement your ideas into the floor plans knowing that each families needs and preferences are different and unique. We also want you to be able to see the proposed finished product by using our 3D CAD designs which will be presented to you during one of our meetings with you.

We give our clients a level of service that is second to none. Some of the things we offer are:

  • Multiple floor plans at no extra charge
  • 3D CAD Designs
  • Interior designer to help with your design choices
  • A team of experienced tradesmen to meet the complexities of your design
  • $500.00 Basement Referral program for the first year
  • $300.00 after the anniversary date
  • CD photo gallery of your project from beginning to completion
  • 1 Year warranty

Our philosophy is to give our clients the best product possible for the best price possible. That’s why we will not only meet but beat our competitors prices. Most companies will meet with you on the first visit and give you a price per square foot without even doing any cost list. At APEX@HOME, we feel that this is a disservice to our clients. Material costs frequently change and most companies raise their “Price per square foot” just to cover themselves. After our first meeting with you, we will design your basement on our design software and give you a written quote which will give the square footage and the total cost. You can then do the math for price per square foot. We think that once you have experienced our initial service, that no other company compares.

At APEX@HOME, we know that our customers take the time to screen companies for their projects. One of the many reasons they choose APEX@HOME is because they can be assured that their investment will be one that brings value to their home instead of possibly losing value due to poor design and craftmanship from an inexperienced contractor. Our customers have viewed our work first hand and are amazed by the designs. The pictures that you see in our Gallery are APEX@HOME projects. Some companies may have a nice web site, but we see it so often where contractors will use other web site pictures to use on their web site due to lack of work. We know because other companies have tried to use ours. They will also use immitation “Awards” clip art or downloads to mislead customers on their web site of their past accolades. So, see for yourself what a true, experienced design/build company can do for your project.


  • Be wary of a deal that’s too good to be true. Watch out if the contractor in question’s bid was below all of the others. This is a sure sign that the contractor is either unfamiliar with the work in question (and therefore also probably new to the work), or has under bid on purpose because they intend to have cost over-runs later. Another play on this theme is if the contractor offers a great bargain in order to use “your project” as an example, such as featuring it on a website or in a brochure. And companies that offer 31/2 week completions? Sounds too good to be true? Call us and we’ll be happy to educate any consumer on this deceiving practice.
  • Ask for references. Beware of the contractor who has questionable or no references or no past projects to view. Always ask for references and physically look at their work; if the contractor does good work, he will have many, many examples of this through his references. Be suspicious of any false references provided. Randomly call the references provided.
    Have a written agreement. Be very cautious when the contractor does not want to go through the formalities of signing a contract. When you are doing any major work, a contract that spells out what the scope of work is, and what the contractor’s responsibilities are, is standard business practice and any person who does not want to follow that is suspect. Strong and ethical companies will have payment options that place the company at risk more financially than the customer.
  • Trust your gut instinct. When you get a bad feeling, trust your gut feeling; High pressure sales tactics such as “This price is only valid until I walk out of that door” is a bad sign. If you feel hassled, pushed or intimidated, Ask them to remove themselves from the process.
  • Take time to view the spec sheet and contract. A good company will give you time to view the necessary documents without anyone there to pressure you to sign.
  • Do your own research. Use the internet to learn as much as possible about the product or services that you want for your project. Check with your local building department to see how much work the company has performed in that area and if the applied permits have been fulfilled. Reputable companies will also be members of the local BBB and not have claims against them. If you are fairly knowledgeable about the product or service, you will be familiar with the lingo, you will be able to ask pertinent questions, and it will be clear to the contractor that you know what you want and this will tend to scare off a bad contractor or can lead them to say things that you know are wrong or poorly informed.

Need more help? We are always willing to provide more research information. We’ll even show you how we monitor our competitors. Contact us with further questions.