The Process

The process in completing your project is managed in a way that is the least intrusive to your family as possible. We know that the last thing that you want is more disruptive things in your life. We implement steps and stick to a schedule that will complete the project in the contracted time frame. Our clients know what to expect during the process. Our project manager will communicate to you when you can expect work that tends to be louder than others. We will also let you know when there may not be work done during certain times (inspection days) so that you can enjoy that time. A typical finishing process is explained below.

Floor plan – The first step in the process is to pick from the multiple floor plans that are created for you. You may take ideas from any of the plans and combine them. For the most part, the floor plan you choose won’t change. There are times, however, that our customers may want a wall that is in the plan to be moved a certain direction or an extra door to be added. Usually this is the case when our framers have begun to lay out the frame work and it then gives our clients a better visual of the project.

Framing – The framing typically takes 5-10 days depending on the size and complexity. We offer wood or steel studs at 16″ centers. Shelving areas and niches can be added during this time.

Plumbing – During the second week we will start the rough plumbing for any bathrooms or bar areas.

Electrical – Also during the second week we start with the rough electrical which involves all the can lights, outlets, switches and the rough for all fixtures. This is the time that we install any component wiring for any Home Theaters that we may be installing.

Inspection – Rough frame, plumbing and electrical inspections are done between the 2nd and 3rd weeks.

Drywall – Drywall hanging, sanding and texture is applied during the 3rd week.

Trim – Doors, baseboard, casing and crown molding is installed during the 4th or 5th week.

Paint – Primer and paint is sprayed or brushed during the 4th or 5th week. Touch up painting extends into the last week.

Tiling – Tile for flooring, tub/shower and fireplaces are scheduled during the 5th or 6th week.

Cabinets – Any cabinets that may be in the plans are installed during the 5th or 6th week.

Electrical and Plumbing Trim – All finish trim for plumbing and electrical fixtures are installed in the 6th or 7th week.

Flooring – Scheduled installation for carpet during the 7th or 8th week.

Final Inspection – 7th or 8th week